Golf Scramble Rules

Each team will consist of four players, and each player will tee off from the proper starting hole. All four players will each hit one tee shot, where the players will decide the consensus “best drive”. Once the drive is selected, the team should mark the best ball. Within one club length of the selected tee shot, all players will hit from that spot. The team should continue this until one of the players hits the ball in the hole.

Shotgun Start Rules

Each hole on a course will be the tee off hole for each foursome. Group 1 would start from hole 1, Group 2 from hole 2, etc. Each group starts play at the same time. A shotgun start will allow the tournament to end at the same time it takes the slowest foursome to finish all 18 holes of golf. Some teams will be required to double up on holes, and they will be designated by A & B (i.e. Group 5A & Group 5B would both tee off from hole 5).


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